Happiness, a Way of Life

How can we become more effective in life? Why are we so easily swayed by our desires that take us here, there, and everywhere? We want this we want that, it seems that we are never satisfied. Are we happy or unhappy? What would make one happy? It seems that happiness or unhappiness is totally dependent on the quality of the object of our love. What if the object of our love no longer wants us or we lose the object of our love; what happens to us? Is this loss the cause of our depressed mental state?

Is there something out there that is more solid and less fleeting that when embraced would give fulfillment and happiness? What can that be? I believe and think it is our intuitive self in connection with the knowledge of the almighty as its cause. When we are in touch with our inner self and act from it, we know that we are in truth and in union with the laws of nature. This awareness and mental activity coupled with a strong feeling or positive emotion creates an inner love and a feeling of our true power; Unfortunately, most of the time we seek and become attached to objects which are transient, fleeting and are easily destroyed by external causes. These objects can be excessive desire for money, fame, sex, food, etc.

Fortunately, these objects of desire, if under our control can be sought as a means and not as an end in itself: However, if and only if we are pursuing truth and understanding so we can gain a sense of self.