About: How the teachings of Spinoza & Gurdjieff work….



My name is Lewis Almeida and I’ve been doing this work for over 40+ years.  I live in Santa Monica, CA.  I have students from all over the world using Skype.

Everyone has a sense of what could or should make them happy, yet it seems that happiness is elusive.   Fortunately, in 1970 at the age of 30 I met my late teacher Gregory Grover in West Hollywood, California who introduced me the significance of Gurdjieff’s and Spinoza’s works and philosophy.

Upon hearing the idea that it’s possible that we can become a master of our emotions, the news activated my intuitive nature. It was of great interest to me as I felt I was emotionally out-of-control and in deep pain from feelings of inadequacy and inferiority.

With time and persistent effort, I was able to learn and grasp the language of Gurdjieff and Spinoza.  Gurdjieff explains that man/woman are walking about in a sleep-unconscious state and that in sleep it’s impossible to see the truth and that we constantly lie to ourselves and to others.  That we live from our ego-personality and we pretend to others that all-is-OK and it’s evident that everyone is wearing a mask that shields us.  This is the true cause of our misery. Not being in touch with who we really are: intelligent spiritual beings.

The question is how do we wake up?  This is where the importance of a teacher or a group leader who has gone through the process of awakening: then and only then is it possible to learn what it means to be consciously awake.

“In Search of the Miraculous” is a book of Gurdjieff’s teachings explaining the problems with humanity.  The psychology of this book is truly amazing, Gurdjieff had such an intuitive grasp on the weakness and problems of human nature, but he didn’t share how to free oneself from past influential conditioning.  Fortunately, Spinoza’s  book, “The Ethics,” he clearly points out a direction and a method to “Improve Our Understanding” that is a path to true spiritual consciousness.  The content of this book can be life transforming once you learn the language.  It’s taken me time and effort and in this process of learning the benefits are unfathomable.  You’ll begin to learn and know what freedom feels like; freedom from fear, loneliness, anxiety, and depression.  Through the efforts of our understanding we develop a sense of self, live with peace, feelings of happiness and a sense of well being and fulfillment.

If this interest you, you may want to take the next step.  Just send me an email to determine whether you feel a connection through our communication. It is not necessary to be concerned about knowing Gurdjieff or Spinoza.  You just need to have a desire to improve your understanding and that you are dissatisfied with where you are emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

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