A Son’s Gratitude

FreedomwRecently, Aimee received a poem from her son on her birthday and I asked her to share it with us.  I wanted to give others the opportunity to see how this work has changed Aimee’s life and how you too can experience dynamic growth in mind and spirit once you embrace this work.

Aimee has been my student for one year six months.  How she found me was by accident which is usually the case.  Because Aimee wanted to improve how she thought, she found Spinoza and learning that Spinoza was a clear thinker and found him on YouTube.  During her search she came across my video on Gurdjieff and Spinoza and she realized that her son, Adrian, had the book “In Search of the Miraculous.”  Adrian purchased this book several years ago and couldn’t quite understand it.  Aimee, in spite of her fear took a risk and emailed me to see if I would help her improve her thinking not sure if I would respond.  To her surprise I emailed her back and we scheduled our first meeting using Skype.  She lives in France and speaks fluent English.  The ages of my students range from 21 to 63 and Aimee is 58 years old.

Age is not an obstacle what is required to do this kind of work is something within all of us, that is, a desperate desire to improve one’s state of being.  In Aimee’s situation she was in pain, desperate and wanted to learn how to free her son from his drug addiction.  In our conversation I told Aimee that I could not help her son but I can help her begin to learn how to discover her deeper intelligence and embrace her understanding: Our normal ego-state has no comprehension of this. In time with patience, desire and mental-emotional effort she found new strength and courage.  Facing her shortcomings as a parent, seeing and learning how to accept herself without judgments and with an open mind.

Aimee began to see clearly how things work and why we do the things we do.  One of the fundamental truth she has learned is that she doesn’t have free will nor does anyone else including her son.  Everyone is doing the best by what they know.  If our knowledge is poor, we’ll act poorly; this is a law manifested from the cosmos that all things act from the law of necessity and the law of inertia.

Adrian, her son, emailed me after six months of his mom’s applied study and meetings with me, and thanked me because the environment at home has changed due to Aimee’s growth and understanding.  No more arguing, fighting and shedding hopeless tears.  A new relationship between Aimee and her husband came about through her continued efforts to understand and in this understanding change and growth appears.  She began to see the truth of what caused her to react to her husband and no longer play the game of victim.  At first her husband didn’t understand these changes and he missed the fighting and arguing, but in time he adjusted to the new Aimee.

This is the poem that Aimee received from her son:

My mom is the most important person
Not IN the world, or OF the world, but OUTSIDE like a star
You’ll always be within me shining in my heart
You do not know how strong you are
You didn’t from the start
So many stars up in the sky twinkling in and out
If I could aim to be like one
It’s you without a doubt

You’ve seen and felt so many wrongs
And your journey has been far
Yet still your kindness shines without
to people in the dark.

My favorite conversations and connections are with you
You have an inner beauty and endless courage too
To put up with the fear and hate that sometimes is inside
I want to give you more respect mom!
I love you
Keep doing what you do.