This website is designed to attract the individual who aspires for something more in life than the ordinary things we normally pursue, and in which we lose our identity to excessive material gain, fame, riches, glory, drugs, sex, and excessive need for external approval. These ideas that I’m presenting are not new, you’ve heard them before. However, I have learned and taken them to a deeper level than normally applied.  I was exposed to Gurdjeiff teachings in 1970 by my late teacher Mr. Gregory Grover, and as time passed he introduced Spinoza, and then my life was changed forever. I was Mr. Grover’s student for 24 years and I’ll be forever thankful to him, for he came to a level of clarity and spiritual consciousness that I’m inspired to become.

Gurdjieff was very clear when he said that man is asleep and the goal is to awaken.  Spinoza explains clearly, and if understood and applied his ideas can awaken our true intelligence that is manifested in all of us. Unfortunately, man is unaware of this deeper intelligence: he confuses academic intelligence that deals with existence and external achievements; his superficial knowledge has no real power looking into or dealing with his own emotional and psychological confusions.

The direction and the goal that I’m presenting to you is for you to join us in this great adventure of the ‘Self’, and to learn how to make the efforts in applying the ideas of Spinoza and Gurdjieff so you too can understand and experience the process of developing ‘Self-Mastery’, which is the cornerstone of this new “Self.”  Everyone is searching for happiness, now an opportunity awaits you. All you have to do is apply yourself and by making the effort so necessary so that you too can see for yourself how to improve your understanding using the tools available in Spinoza’s and Gurdjieff’s teachings.

I hope you take the time to explore this website and search for the things that touch your mind and heart, it’s there you’ll just have to make the effort to find it.
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“There is no need to run outside for better seeing, nor peer from a window, rather abide at the center of your being: For the more you leave it the less you learn”…LaoTzu